Aakaar Puppet Theatre manages workshops in various forms of puppetry, for children, adults and theatre groups. Introduction to the various styles of Indian and world puppet theatre using visual material. Workshops in making puppets, their use both in education and entertainment. Workshops can be arranged in India and abroad, according to the needs of the participants. Workshops in India but students come from other countries like Japan, france not all students puppeteers but also other fields.  
About the tradition
Kathputli is a puppet made of kath or wood. The puppeteers are nats or bhats, a wandering community who performed their khel during the dry season and return to their village to cultivate the fields during the rains. The puppeteers believe in a divine orgin of their art, claiming to be the chief performers during the reign of the legendary  king Vikaramaditya, whose life and achievements they extolled. The stories in rajasthani performances revolve around the exploits of Amar Singh Rathore, from where the community claims its origin.  
Workshop with Handicraft Children in Londan  
Workshop with French Puppeteers in Udaipur
Workshop in Lucknow  
Workshop with Rajasthani young Traditional Puppeteers  
Workshop with Teacher for Training Program
Workshop with Dance Programs
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